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You Get In Life What You Have The Courage To Ask For. - Oprah Winfrey

There’s a popular saying in Telugu “Adaganide Amma Ayina Annam Pettadu” which literally translates to “Unless you ask, even mother won’t feed you”.

In 6 years of my marriage assuming my partner will understand my non-verbal cues (which almost always end up into cold behavior due to frustration) has never taken me anywhere. It always fell flat and I ended up as “the villain” of the house.

I never meant ill for anyone but there’s a need deep inside of most of us that others should understand us without having to articulate it.

However, I’m not sure if that’s my style anymore.

I’ve seen a 180 degree shift in all my relationships when I opened my mouth and asked for it swallowing my ego!

Straight point that I want to make Is - ‘do we want to move forward in life or is the need to satisfy our ego more important?’ This is a deep question - and hard to answer in front of anyone. But can we answer this question atleast in front of the mirror?

Comment below: ‘I have the courage to ask for what I want!’


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