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Are You The Tortoise Of Your Dreams? Be Proud Of It!

This is my biggest learning after becoming a mother! 👇🏼

Before my pregnancies, I had the luxury to work 10 hours a day. Yes, luxury! I loved every job I did & I always found my work to be meaningful. I’ve worked for 5 years in construction & fin-tech industries before taking a 180• degree turn to being a life coach. And before my pregnancies, I never had a ‘time limit’ at work.

But things are different for me after being a mom. Even when my entire family and support system steps up and gives me the liberty to go and work - I still won’t take up that option. I WANT to be around my children. Clearly, my priorities have shifted. But I couldn’t make peace with the fact that I can’t work for long hours in a day. Because obviously, long hours meant more results.

Last four years was a journey of acceptance for me. From struggling to accept that I can’t spend long hours at work to giving positive and empowering meanings to going slow at work.

Today, I’m that proud tortoise 🐢 who moved strategically but slowly towards her dreams one day at a time. Honestly, tortoise is fast sometimes, maybe I’m a sloth 🦥 (the slowest animal). But a proud one!

Am I perfect? No.

Did I move forward significantly? Absolutely, yes!

And that’s all that matters to me.

If you are in a similar journey, I feel you and totally respect you!

If you are in the same boat, don't be shy to take 'one day at a time' and embrace your baby steps towards your dreams! Good luck lady!

Today, spend some time to introspect whether you are the hare 🐇 or tortoise 🐢 in your story? And do you feel on track with that?

Comment below 👇🏼 and share your story!

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Shwetha Manoj
Shwetha Manoj
Apr 21, 2022

Thanks for sharing this ma'am.

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