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Scrolling Instagram Again? But Is It A Distraction Or An Escape? Read to know more!

Nighty percent of us who use Insta spend more time on the app than we’d like to! And I’m being modest when I say 'nighty percent'!

But how do you feel when you catch yourself spending too much time on social media? Guilty that you got distracted again? Frustrated with your lack of discipline? What’s the tone of your self-talk in that moment?

What if I said that you didn’t get distracted but your body or mind demanded a break from your reality?!

If you are usually an active person and do things with moderate discipline, chances are your social media addiction is NOT a distraction but a feedback to self that there’s some hidden emotion/need you need to address.

Is it tiredness due to lack of sleep 😴

Is it lethargy due to a vitamin deficiency 🧪

Is scrolling through social media your body’s natural way of handling stress and overwhelm? 🤯

Is it the lack of exercise routine that’s making you feel lazy and not attack the task at hand?

May be your unable to concentrate because of a poor digestive system or pain in the body? And you need to distract yourself with something lighter..

Maybe the temperature in the room is too hot, making you feel irritable and search for a distraction that’ll take you away from your reality? 🥵

If you are usually motivated but finding yourself drifting away these days, take a moment to introspect. Irrespective of what it is.. don’t harm yourself with negative self-dialogue. Identify the route cause and address it.


DM me for a one-on-one session if you have big goals but day to day grind is pulling you back!


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