Tip 1: Track your time

Every one of us has 168 hours a week. Even if we allot 56 hours for sleep, 21 hours for meals and 48 hours for work - we still have 40+ hours a week to do what we want. The key is to figure out where those hours are hiding.

I tracked my time for 2 weeks on an excel spreadsheet, in blocks of 1 hour. I learnt two things from this exercise: 1. The repeat patterns of how I was wasting time.

For example: I allotted 1 hour for a task but would get deviated 3 or more times in the middle and ended up doing the task in 2.5 hours. 2. Highs and lows of my energy levels.

For example: Almost every day I get lazy post lunch. When I first realized this pattern, I got frustrated that I am wasting the time. But when I accepted it, I allotted 45 mins to an hour for a nap and I was active for the rest of the day.


What are your patterns that pull your productivity down? Comment below on how you overcame them?


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