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Tip 3: Get enough sleep

Back in January this year (when my daughter was 9 months old), I remember feeling lost, as if I had no control of my day. I was looking at ways to get back to work but I couldn’t see any working pattern with my new mommy lifestyle. And all google had to offer in this matter was “Get Some Rest”. And that pissed me off because, I hadn’t slept in 9 months until then!

My daughter slept for a max of 3 hours at a time until she was 14 months. So, every night was a no sleep night for me. I didn't sleep for more than 3-4 hours in the first year of her birth. And in the day, something or the other used to keep me busy. This had a negative impact on many aspects of my life. For instance, my relationships, profession, inner peace, social life, energy levels & even the quality time I spent with my baby. I was very irritable in general.

The only reason I decided to try this tip was to prove google wrong. I wanted to show how getting more sleep isn’t a reality for new mommies. It was so hard in the beginning to let go of so many things and get some rest! I eventually did it. Yet, my mind was searching for the things I missed out in the day rather than the benefits.

However, within a week, I noticed that I was able to finish majority of my to-do list without feeling the strain. Also, there was a shift in my attitude (more positive for sure). I felt lighter than before and that was a big win. Did that mean I had to alter my routine? YES! But was it worth it? Hell YA!

My baby is 17 months now, and honestly, I still don’t sleep the way I used to before my pregnancy. But here’s the bare truth, for most of us, life changes after babies – we need to adapt to this new normal.

Action Tip: I keep every alternate day relatively light in case my nights are not great. I take ample naps on these days & push myself on other days.


What’s your story around sleep momma? Give me a thumbs up in the comments box if you connected with this. Share this with someone who needs to read this.


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