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Tip 2: Use calendar for scheduling

Back in 2017, as a project manager for my previous company, I used to schedule a lot of meetings. That got me into the habit of scheduling. Even today, I send a reminder for all my one-on-one sessions.

However, scheduling can be beyond interpersonal meetings. I see my phone calendar as my planner for the day. One view at my calendar tells me how packed or free my day is. In fact, I go one step further and input any activity that affects my day. For Example - My social commitments, my daughter's school timings, my work calls, reading time, husband's travel and even my nap timings for the day.

The obvious advantage of scheduling which involves another person/team is punctuality. Additionally, this gives a clear vision on how the day looks in advance and gives a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

I started this as an experiment for boosting my productivity, but now I swear by it.


Bonus Tip: Don't auto accept invitations from your Email. What’s your story around sleep momma? Give me a thumbs up in the comments box if you connected with this. Share this with someone who needs to read this.


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