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Beat That Laziness With These Four Simple Techniques!

‘I have my exams coming up, but I won’t study!’

‘My mind is just wondering here and there like a free bird.’

'I just can't focus on things I want to do!'

Relate to this?

There’s a big difference between not doing things because you are tired and not doing something because you're lazy. If you want to check whether you are procrastinating because you are tired, see my earlier post on six reasons you are addicted to social media. However, if you are convinced you are simply a lazy person, this is for you.

Sometimes, we have to push ourselves to perform. This is where big words like willpower, self-discipline & determination come from. Here are four simple techniques that can kick you out of procrastination without much effort 👇🏼

1. The Goldilocks Principle:

Know your limits before you push them. According to the Goldilocks Principle, the aim is to push yourself just enough to perform better than before but not break. Not too hard and not too easy. Setting goals to push yourself just enough helps you stay motivated and be in a flow state. So next time you set a goal, remember to check your past patterns to understand your start point. @goldilocksprinciple

2. The 2 Minute Rule:

Most of our everyday targets take at least 30 - 45mins to complete (ex: exercise, studying, cooking, etc.). And that adds a lot of pressure, increasing our chances of getting lazy. But if we carefully break it down, w can see that the start is always the most difficult. If we can complete the first two minutes of the task, we trick our subconscious into believing that we are capable of doing the task, thereby increasing the chances of completing it. So aim for the first two minutes. James Clear (author of "The Atomic Habits') says that motivation always comes after we start something, not before. And motivation needed to complete the habit is at its peak when we begin the task; hence the first two minutes are essential. @jamesclear @atomichabits

3. 5,4,3,2,1: Count backwards 🔄 & Just Do It

This is Melrobbin's most popular hack on beating procrastination. @melrobbins

This is where the desire meets the road. It’s Action! Just count backwards 5,4,3,2,1 & just do it. Every time you are ABOUT to get lazy, snap out of that moment by just counting 5 to 1 and snapping yourself out of the situation. Remember, it’s within you. And you always have a choice to be a winner or remain lazy.

4. Do Most Important Tasks In The First Half:

Beating your resistance is much easier when you have more energy. It’s easier to trick your mind when you are more active. And naturally, most of us are more active in the first half of the day after a good night’s sleep. It’s so important to observe and take advantage of our body clock before we question are patterns. If this is true for you, identify the sweet spot of 90mins -120mins in the first half and go for it.

Remember, the most important thing to do is to believe in yourself. And the next important thing to do is to act on it.

Let me know how you beat procrastination by commenting below. I would love to hear your tips and hacks.



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