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Conversations with family members about COVID-19

There are always some of us who are more fearful and careful while others have barely altered their lifestyles. If you are the former (like me) in your family, it can lead to a bit of panic.

For about a month now, I’ve been posting updates on my family groups and raising concerns whenever we meet. While most have stepped up and are doing their bit, there are a few who have turned a blind eye. I’ve used my ‘pregnant’ card as well as the ‘kids in the house’ card, saying that we might be more susceptible than others and hence they should be responsible.

However, they have continued to travel around the world and within the country, attending social events in the name of obligations and so on. I’ve had my share of frustrations and feelings of helplessness. At a point I even felt like they didn’t respect my views.

These conversations are applicable to many other situations within our household since people have varying degrees of risk taking. How can one manage their mind and act stable in situations like this? Here are some tips that worked for me: 1. Talk based on facts 2. Accept what you can change and what you cannot change 3. Do your bit (Example: with respect to Corona virus – make a list of hygiene practices and train your staff, stock up your home with supplies) 4. Focus on what matters.



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