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My Five Year Plan!

I have a five year plan (2018-2023) - I plan to work!! But I also want to take it slow for a few years.

  • I plan to complete my family (kids)

  • I plan to build workable home management & staff management models

  • I plan to maximise quality time with my kids!

  • I plan to be conscious about my health.

Yes, I have a plan. It might be different from yours and it’s also radically different from my previous five year plan (2013-2018).

Goal setting is powerful. There is immense power in achieving our goals and moving forward! However, that doesn’t mean all our goals have to be the same. Neither does it mean that we must have the same goals throughout our lives.

Depending on which phase in life we are in (not yet married / working full time / married / toddlers at home/ pregnant/ work from home, etc.) our needs might be different not only from our peers but also from our past selves. Let’s accept the change and honour this process.


How did you welcome change into your life? Do share your journey below.



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