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Time Management Template During Lockdown

Tips for quality engagement and better utilisation of the time management template:

1. Once you fill in the ‘time’ column, plan your day in advance and category wise.


Which book do you want to start reading from tomorrow;

What is the menu for tomorrow – are all the ingredients available at home?

Which course(s) will you take up online?

2. The next step is to schedule the exact time in the day for the above activities.

3. Plan high productivity activities when you are most active in the day. When we are most active, we tend to get more things done in less time.

Remember, during this lockdown:

1. It’s more important to stay happy than being uber productive. Finding a healthy balance between fun and work is very important.

2. Focus on healthy eating and adequate sleep. We are staying at home for a reason and we need to keep our immunity high.

3. Limit your conversations and readings about COVID-19 to 15mins.

4. Limit your social media and television time.

5. Just like you, other professionals are also sitting in their houses and looking for work from home opportunities. So take advantage of their services and see if you can work together.



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