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Whatever you tell yourself, the mind accepts!

The last three self-development books I read focused on how the words we use have a direct correlation with our self-esteem.

“Watch your words! / Power of language/ Be impeccable with your words”; the wording is different in every book, but the essence is the same.

Why is it important to choose the right words?

  1. The words we use daily, increase or decrease our value in the long run.

  2. The idea is to take back control of our lives. Catch yourself when you are using sentences of guilt and victimhood. A slight alteration in the words you use can drastically shift the way you feel about yourself.

I’ve made minor alterations in the last two months with regards to the words I use. I’ve made active attempts to

  1. Reduce the intensity of negative sentences. Example: I replaced ‘hate’ with ‘dislike’

  2. Make my situation look like my preferred choice. Example: I can’t work on a 9-5 job anymore versus I prefer flexible work hours due to change in my priorities.

  3. Ensure I’m not putting myself down.

  4. Not lower other people – no gossip

Check out the table above for some alternate empowering words.


Comment below if you experienced the power of words before. Share your experience and help others.



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