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Work - Life Balance

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

When we refer to Work Life balance, we generally see only two portions:

1. Work and

2. Life. Let me split the ‘Life’ part further into family time and personal time.

Only family and personal time and no work might end up feeling like there is no purpose in life. And that can lead to a drastic drop in self-esteem.

‘Work’ is a very broad time – I’d like to replace it with ‘PURPOSE’ in the diagram. Work needn’t be a 9-5 job or working without a break in a startup. Yet, we can feel fulfilled if we know what we are passionate about and working towards our dream bit by bit daily. Good at work and Family time but no time for self-care?

We women, especially moms, hesitate to take personal time as we associate it with mom-guilt. We are great at what we do - work, household needs, delegation, parenting and family obligations. But sometimes, we end up feeling rushed and as if we are running without a time out. This can lead to a major burn-out.

It's great if you have time for salon/dinner with friends. But, for those who have limited time – day to day activities like fitness routine, a care drive or even listening to songs can be self care.

The idea is to be self-aware and to be present in the situation and know that it’s your self-care time.

All Work and Personal Time and no time for family!

Look at it this way, when you love what you do you don’t see it as work you are putting your heart and soul at it. Especially if you are a homepreneur, (like me), it might be difficult to draw a line between work and home. This can make your family feel under-appreciated and leave you rushed all the time.

So, how do we get a perfect ‘7’ in the diagram above? How do we balance daily? My take on this is that we don’t balance it daily – we rather should look at it on a weekly basis. Somedays might be full of work, but if we plan ahead, we can have good quality family time and personal time. A healthy balance is when we know our priorities, strengths and limitations and look at it as a package.


Comment below which number you resonate with? Tag someone who is a perfect 7!



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